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The real value of money


The saying – You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, can often apply to more than just a love relationship!
It can and does apply to two other crucial items in your life- your money and your health. Lose one of these and things can get a bit tough. But there are fairly simple methods to fix these.

The first is know what you value and its worth and then insure it.

Just as a violinist insures their hands, you should insure the manner in which you earn an income.

Just as your children are precious to you, you should ensure that there is enough money in the bank to support them should something happen to you.

Just as being able to get specialised medical support when you need it has an almost priceless value when you are faced with a tough situation

And you can get insurance from anywhere.

What you can’t get though is what we offer and this provides a value to money that others just don’t provide.

We manage the paperwork process – not just at sign up time, but more importantly at that other crucial moment – CLAIM TIME

We process your claim. When others might tell you to ring an 0800 number we make the time to do this ourselves- that's our job!

We check the paperwork is completed correctly minimising that dreaded paperwork backwards and forwards process

We also submit the claim to the insurer, removing the stress from you about getting mail in the post.

Then and most crucially we follow up to make sure it is being actioned, that it is being sorted on your behalf, this includes going right through until payments have been made to the appropriate parties, including you if that is the claim.

So if you want to be able to rely on the person that helped you find the most appropriate insurance policy for you, and want that person to be the same person or team that supports the claim process with you, then talk to us!

This is where we provide the real value of money

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