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Building Stronger connections.


We have to ask – do you just think of us as the team that organises a mortgage? Or do you see us as one of your key lifetime advisers that you talk to regularly when it comes to making financial decisions?

As a trusted financial adviser for many, Wayne Oliver works alongside people, just like you not just once when he arranges mortgage finance, but further down the track when re-fixing, refinancing, re-structuring or when there is a need to change the manner in which you pay your mortgage.

Because of strong connections developed with the various lending institutions, Wayne can more often than not get you a better deal than just the rate card deal you will get if you approach the bank directly yourself.

Wayne’s a tough negotiator and provides the added value of

  • Ensuring the correct paperwork is completed – saving you multiple trips to the bank
  • Makes sure that the interested parties are fully aware of the changes required and actioned speedily and accurately
  • Following up to make sure you are completely satisfied with your mortgage arrangements

After all, you are the customer!

Wayne can, as your ongoing financial adviser offer support, direction and referral contacts (if necessary) around the various aspects you might need to consider including Wills, Trust Deeds, Powers of Attorney and the like. But more than this, Wayne is that key person just to bounce ideas off of. Someone to talk things over with and that someone who can help you make your own independent financial decisions based on fact, accuracy and based on over 40 years financial experience!

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