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Use an Adviser from Oliver Mortgage & Insurance, and secure the mortgage finance you need to further your dreams!

Mortgage finance – the money you borrow in order to buy that first home, upgrade, commercial property, holiday home…

All of the major banks offer a range of finance options and it is simply about finding the one that best suits your needs.

You probably shopped around the last time you bought a vehicle or even a TV – can we suggest that shopping around for mortgage finance that not only has a competitive interest rate, but one that offers you flexibility, that suits your current and future needs. Mortgage finance that works as hard as you do?

The days of having a fixed term on your mortgage for 10 years have gone. Personally we don’t see them coming back and then there is the challenge – what do you do when your current mortgage is about to come off fixed?

The market is competitive – regardless of global economies, banks still need your business!

When you talk with us – we won’t send you away to get more paperwork – we tell you what you need UPFRONT! This saves time, and a lot of frustration!

Every property or house is different and every home and property owner is different. Making sure the mortgage you get is best for you is important after all it can save you money!

And remember, Interest rates are only part of the story. It’s the ability to pay the mortgage month after month after month. It is the ability to still live, have fun and enjoy your home without feeling like your cash flow is all in the mortgage.

This is about YOU – what do you want? Then let’s talk to the bank! Doing it this way means that you have a clear path forward and are more focussed on what you need as opposed to what the banks or others might offer!

HECK YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER… our job as your Waikato Mortgage broker is to make sure the lenders remember that.

Simply call us and we will come to you. Your place, your time 0800 800 333

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