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You’ve seen the adverts - buy insurance online and you’ll save money! It’s easy, it’s not stressful and what could be more tempting than sitting at your computer filling in some forms and just click – done – you’re insured!

… a few years later you come back from the GP and he’s told you that the results aren’t good and you’re going to need some care. It’ll mean time off work, and specialist care… and you’re thinking – “at least I have insurance.”

So you go scrambling through the policy documents, find that your condition ISN”T covered, or the benefit is much less than you thought it was, or that the cover you opted for is completely irrelevant because you didn’t really understand what your needs were at the time.

Maybe there is a place for insurance online – vehicles, contents and the like (although we question this also). But your insurance needs require a more in-depth discussion than a simple tick-box approach. Online there is no one to ask about your history, which could result in a disclosure issue. Do you understand the different types of cover and how they might protect you and your family? And even the insurers have a disclaimer online that if you read it, should make you reconsider your

options. This is an actual disclaimer on a NZ online insurance provider website.

Choosing a level of insurance and policy.

The tools provided to help you choose a level of insurance (for example our online calculator) or compare policies (for example our policy comparison tools) are provided in good faith, however they are of a general nature and might not be relevant to your individual circumstances.

One provider is currently advertising income protection cover of up to $10,000 per month. This sounds all very well, however the benefit period is only 2 years. 2 years????? What happens after 2 years if you are still unable to work? Life would become very grim indeed.

This is the very reason you should talk to us – because we discuss with you privately and confidentially your individual circumstance. 

What you might save dollar wise at premium time, won’t matter one iota when it comes to claim time will it! 

So contact me – this is where I can help!

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