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Being your Waikato Insurance broker 

Like you we have assets – a house, a car and we insure them just in case something happens. We also insure another couple of assets that in our minds are just a little more valuable – my life, my health and my ability to keep earning money – my job! 

If you believe that insurance is simply about being paid out for something if it gets broken, lost or stolen, can we suggest that we need to talk?

Like our mortgage service we don’t believe that insurance should come in a box. After all we all like different things – some of us like cycling; some of us prefer fast cars, some of you like being in the air, others on the water. We are all different and what we do to protect our family, our homes and ourselves should be different too.

Having insurance isn’t about thinking something is going to go wrong. In fact it is the opposite. You can relax knowing that if you get ill and need to have an operation, you don’t necessarily have to go on a waiting list. You can feel confident knowing that when you are building your home and family that your income will continue even if something happens to you and you can’t work.

Our job is to find you the most appropriate insurance:

Life cover / Trauma Insurance / health insurance / disability cover/ vehicle insurance / home and contents insurance / income protection insurance and or course mortgage insurance!

So if you are looking at your existing premiums and thinking I wonder…. Call me. If you are thinking I don’t have any insurance – can I suggest you definitely need to call me! 

We can have a coffee , no obligations, we won’t make you sign anything, let’s just talk – might be the best coffee you ever have! 

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