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The TPPA as we see it

A lot has been in the media regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Finding out what it stood for was easy, finding out what it actually involves is more difficult.

This seems to be the crux of the matter when it comes to the discord a lot of people are feeling – and we note this isn’t limited to New Zealanders – it is purely the lack of the FULL FACTS that is causing the angst. We live in what is coined as a ‘Global Society’ and like any coming together of differing ideas, opinions and self-interests – questions should always be asked.

In our view, on the Pro side of the fence – the prospect of more export opportunities and business growth and all that is attributed to that,employment growth, financial stability, and the list goes on.

On the Negative side – the open market pushing up house prices as overseas buyers with stronger economies buy ourland. (It has been noted that in many countries, whilst you can lease land you cannot own it like you can here in NZ, so with land being seen as a commodity, this is an area of concern for some).

As a team, and as a business, we would like to say that we have made a clear decision about the side of the fence that we are sitting on. But we can’t, for one simple reason – we don’t have all the facts.

It is hard to vote for or challenge an idea when only partial facts are on the table. And there lies the crux of the issue – LACK OF FULL FACTUAL INFORMATION. Similar to securing a home loan, unless you have all the facts then that seemingly low interest rate could have some hooks that you only discover after the deal has been signed.

Or that bonus offer the bank is promoting doesn’t provide all of the information and you could end up paying more than necessary. Any deal that is on the table – unless it’s a game of Poker – shouldn’t be a gamble. It should be factual, with all of the information provided so both parties are clear about their roles, responsibilities and obligations.

Our job as Mortgage Advisers is to ensure ALL the FACTS are on the table and you know exactly what you are signing BEFORE you sign it. Perhaps, if the TPPA teams across the globe understood this more and presented the FACTS first before asking us to vote, agree or support this deal, there would be less angst.

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"Hi Wayne

Good on you for spreading this message. I agree that it's really important the more NZers are made aware of what's going on. Everything I've read on the TPPA (from non-govt sources) says it's a very bad deal for us and has some potentially damaging aspects for the future.

And I think more people in your position need to get behind this, as it's mostly seen as a pro-business deal.

Thanks for doing your bit."

The TPPA – Global implications on housing?

We live in a Global economy. The implications of Trade Deals are widespread and in some cases unknown. When an exporter can secure a higher price for their product in an overseas market than they can at home, then they are going to sell at that higher price. Housing is no different in this respect and constantly increasing prices are being driven in a similar manner.

In this edition, we have some questions around the TPPA and its impact on New Zealand, and you might be surprised at our analysis. We focus on what makes for good decision making when it comes to borrowing money and how protecting your assets is often overlooked. And of course we provide you with the facts that will help when using your KiwiSaver™ savings toget on the property ladder with your first home purchase.

Contact the team at any time with any question – we are here to help in any way we can.

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