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Need Mortgage Finance? - We can HELP!

We are going to tackle the bigger picture – how to place the value of your own finances over the wealth of banking institutions.

We EXPOSE one of the key mistakes the majority of people make when trying to get mortgage finance and we highlight why every person in the market for a mortgage or property finance of any kind should use Wayne – not that we are biased at all – but these points will make you think.

And finally we highlight some of the Trade Talk behind the scenes.

Enjoy the read and remember, just call us BEFORE you find the property you’ve been looking for and let us help you GET THE FUNDING FIRST.

Call Wayne and the team today on 07 856 2960!

Responsible Lending

There is a code of practise that we are required to adhere to as Mortgage Advisers and as an industry we are involved with the updating of this.

The recently introduced Responsible Lending Code aims to prevent consumers being locked into loans they can’t afford and may have little hope of repaying. They’re also designed to stamp out advertisements for “easy credit” that target low-income consumers and vulnerable borrowers unable to obtain finance from banks.

As a team here at SHARE it is something we have always done and will continue to do – take whatever amount of time is needed to ensure the best decision and lending option is reached for you!

To do this, we ask those searching questions that others perhaps overlook, or don’t have time for, in order to find out more about you, your aspirations and goals. This is not because we are nosey, but to ensure that as Advisers we are supporting you to get a loan you can afford, not just today but in the future.

We calculate repayments and financial factors BEFORE any application to a lender, ensuring you can make more informed decisions. Some clients we have spoken to have only found out from the bank how much their exact repayments were going to be after they had signed the paperwork!!

We pose the ‘What If’ questions as well – what if you were forced to one income through unforeseen circumstance. What plans could be made to ensure your property was protected. What if you decide to take a break and have a few months off – can we plan a strategy? It’s not about necessarily finding the lowest interest rate (although this is a consideration) it’s also about being responsible to you for today, tomorrow and down the track.

Landlords being stung by banks!

LANDLORDS being STUNG by banks!

Banks are calling in loans from one property when another is sold. If you are a landlord considering selling a property to release capital, you should first be clear how much money your bank will let you keep.

If you have an “all-obligations” mortgage and a number of properties and loans, you could be seriously affected. We’ve been called a few times in the past month by some of our existing clients regarding this and are urging other people in this situation to make contact and let us check your loan documentation in order for us to assist if we can. The last thing you want is to sell an asset to release some capital and find you are left out of pocket when you need it the most. 

Lenders will often require an “all obligations” mortgage where a client owns more than one property and has several loans. They will endeavour to cross-collateralise security over all properties. This is why it is important to spread your borrowings across a number of lenders and is something often overlooked by the majority of property investors.

If you are being affected by this, call us and let us provide you with some experienced advice and support. 

Stay Out of the Mortgage Jail

With interest rates continuing to fall, many banks are offering seemingly great deals on long term fixed rate options
for people wanting finance for:

• Refixing and refinancing
• Property purchases
• Alterations and home renovations

On the surface taking advantage of a low rate long term seems sensible – but our take on this is that with uncertainty still playing out in the marketplace and possible further rate reductions, taking on a long term option may not be the best decision.

The mortgage lending market is dynamic. Locking in a 5 or 10 year option doesn’t make sense. Your life is as dynamic as the market. Once you have signed that 5 or 10 year seemingly low rate long term fixed rate contract, extracting yourself from this is a costly exercise with early repayment fees charged.

Recent feedback from people we have been seeing is that there is considerable focus from banks on this option with little regard to people’s best interests and circumstances. Be aware Banks can only provide one product – theirs.

As a broker we have access to the majority of reputable lenders throughout NZ. This means we can consider MORE options giving you MORE choice. There is no fee for our service and we save you time trying to search out the best deal yourself – we talk daily with lenders and know just what is available in the marketplace any given day and know what we can negotiate and secure on your behalf.

So if it’s time to..

• Refinance
• Refix
• Buy another property
• Get the renovations done

Call us to evaluate your situation and ensure that you:

a) Aren’t locked into an unfavourable situation in the near future
b) Have the best possible rate
c) The flexibility that suits your needs
d) A mortgage that works for you and helps you get ahead.

Finally contact us when you want to refix your interest rate – it costs you nothing except a phone call. We will negotiate the best rates 

for you and most importantly advise you on what we see happening in the financial markets and therefore what may be your most suitable option at the time.

How do you know you have the best rate and most appropriate fixed rate term if you go directly to your lender?

You don’t!

Call anytime – I’m here to help!


Bribery Not required

I was with friends the other night for dinner when the discussion came up around customer service, or lack thereof in some cases. We noted that although the food was really good, the service just wasn’t up to the normal high standard.

‘Disinterested’ at best, rude at worst would be my description.

Almost everyone at the table was able to highlight at least one negative customer service experience that week alone. Of course it has to be said everyone has ‘off’ days and we can all be forgiven for those.

In fact you will nearly always get a second chance if the reverse occurs - the food was not of the normal high standard however the service was very good.

The discussion turned to what is good customer service: 

• Knowing who to call when you have a problem, or just a query, and getting that person on the phone.

• Having someone know your name.

• A smile when you are doing business.

• Having the person do the job correctly – first time.

• Not having to do something that you thought you were paying the service provider to do.

• Not having to rely on points, bonuses or special gifts, to keep my business – the service should be good enough for me to NOT want to go elsewhere. – i.e. Bribery should not be required for good service!

Naturally the lending/banking industry comes to mind in my line of work, and the most common complaint we hear in our office is – “my old bank manager left, and now I have no idea who to contact”.

Without being too immodest, I have built this business on nothing flash – just good old fashioned customer service and common sense.

• The phone rings we answer it.

• You leave a message, we return it,

• You need help, we provide it.

• You don’t know what bank to go to for the best deal – we provide you with options so you can choose what suits you.
So if you are tired of the bank hounding you trying to sell you another product, tie you into a longer period for your lending or just have no idea who to call to discuss what you should do – CALL US and get the customer experience you’ve been looking for and should deservedly expect!

Waynes Words of Wisdom

Anything Wayne Can Do We Can Do Better…

or so they say! Some banks are making a concerted effort to contact anyone on their lending register whose mortgages are coming off fixed rates. Because banks remunerate staff according to targets there is pressure on staff to sell, sell sell!

One bank representative even assured a client that any refix offer Wayne could provide, he could do better. The reality is they can’t. They have one product – their bank; they don’t have the ability to shop around - we do.

We match your needs with bank offers and then negotiate. We don’t negotiate with a bank to set a deal and then find out what your needs are. Again it is your choice, however for unbiased advice and support – talk to us.

Remember we are your ongoing Mortgage Manager and Financial Adviser and as such will always have your best interests in mind – not the banks.

4 Tips to Better Insurance

Do you remember when banks just took deposits and loaned money. Now they offer a wide range of services, from paying your bills to selling you insurance.

And it’s the last one that concerns me considerably. Not because I don’t believe they shouldn’t do it – diversifying is sensible. My concern centres on claims and long term relationships. Everyone has heard of situations where someone had an insurance policy that they thought covered them for something only to discover at claim time they weren’t.

When you purchase a property and take out a mortgage, a bank will ask if you have personal insurance cover. They need to know that should something happen to you, that they will be able to recover the loan. This is sensible of course, they have a vested interest.

The issue here is, are you getting best advice? Are you getting the best the market can offer? Remember the banks deal with one insurance provider only. How do you know you are getting the best deal? Who do you talk to when you need to make a claim? Who will help you to get your claim processed and paid quickly?”

Arranging insurance cover isn’t a difficult process. Making sure you have the appropriate cover isn’t so easy. If you are not getting great advice, and you accept what is offered without question when you’re in a hurry at the bank, you could be making the worst decision of your financial life if you get it wrong.

So here are some tips when you are considering your insurance situation:

  1. Deal with an adviser who has access to multiple insurance providers. One size does not fit all!
  2. Make sure you understand what you are buying and why. If you don’t understand the product, have your adviser explain it. Almost as bad as having no cover is not knowing you may have a legitimate claim.
  3. Review your policies and update as your family, business and their needs change. This should be done on an annual basis. Policy anniversary time is ideal. Never be afraid to call your adviser for a chat.
  4. Consider your insurance as a fixed and nonnegotiable expense in the same way you would your mortgage or car payment. It’s easy to consider personal risk insurance as a luxury rather than a need, when in reality that is definitely not the case.

If you would like to look at your insurance options, give me a call and let’s have a coffee. I will do the shopping around for you and then present you with recommendations appropriate to your individual needs.

So contact me – this is where I can help!

The real value of money


The saying – You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, can often apply to more than just a love relationship!
It can and does apply to two other crucial items in your life- your money and your health. Lose one of these and things can get a bit tough. But there are fairly simple methods to fix these.

The first is know what you value and its worth and then insure it.

Just as a violinist insures their hands, you should insure the manner in which you earn an income.

Just as your children are precious to you, you should ensure that there is enough money in the bank to support them should something happen to you.

Just as being able to get specialised medical support when you need it has an almost priceless value when you are faced with a tough situation

And you can get insurance from anywhere.

What you can’t get though is what we offer and this provides a value to money that others just don’t provide.

We manage the paperwork process – not just at sign up time, but more importantly at that other crucial moment – CLAIM TIME

We process your claim. When others might tell you to ring an 0800 number we make the time to do this ourselves- that's our job!

We check the paperwork is completed correctly minimising that dreaded paperwork backwards and forwards process

We also submit the claim to the insurer, removing the stress from you about getting mail in the post.

Then and most crucially we follow up to make sure it is being actioned, that it is being sorted on your behalf, this includes going right through until payments have been made to the appropriate parties, including you if that is the claim.

So if you want to be able to rely on the person that helped you find the most appropriate insurance policy for you, and want that person to be the same person or team that supports the claim process with you, then talk to us!

This is where we provide the real value of money

Building Stronger connections.


We have to ask – do you just think of us as the team that organises a mortgage? Or do you see us as one of your key lifetime advisers that you talk to regularly when it comes to making financial decisions?

As a trusted financial adviser for many, Wayne Oliver works alongside people, just like you not just once when he arranges mortgage finance, but further down the track when re-fixing, refinancing, re-structuring or when there is a need to change the manner in which you pay your mortgage.

Because of strong connections developed with the various lending institutions, Wayne can more often than not get you a better deal than just the rate card deal you will get if you approach the bank directly yourself.

Wayne’s a tough negotiator and provides the added value of

  • Ensuring the correct paperwork is completed – saving you multiple trips to the bank
  • Makes sure that the interested parties are fully aware of the changes required and actioned speedily and accurately
  • Following up to make sure you are completely satisfied with your mortgage arrangements

After all, you are the customer!

Wayne can, as your ongoing financial adviser offer support, direction and referral contacts (if necessary) around the various aspects you might need to consider including Wills, Trust Deeds, Powers of Attorney and the like. But more than this, Wayne is that key person just to bounce ideas off of. Someone to talk things over with and that someone who can help you make your own independent financial decisions based on fact, accuracy and based on over 40 years financial experience!

Giving away FREE IPads and Wads of cash!


Yes the banks want business and they are changing some of the benefits and throwing in a few tempters along the way. So what can you do if you are fixed?


With a little investigation we can help you determine if the benefits you are (or in many cases – aren’t) receiving are worth your while. And yes we have gotten free iPads for clients and cash for clients - it’s all in a day’s work!

We are taking on new clients so if you know of anyone that is needing a mortgage or insurance
– get them to call us! We are able to obtain some excellent interest rate offers regardless of the extra giveaways.

*Conditions apply – not ours, the banks!

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