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Responsible Lending

There is a code of practise that we are required to adhere to as Mortgage Advisers and as an industry we are involved with the updating of this.

The recently introduced Responsible Lending Code aims to prevent consumers being locked into loans they can’t afford and may have little hope of repaying. They’re also designed to stamp out advertisements for “easy credit” that target low-income consumers and vulnerable borrowers unable to obtain finance from banks.

As a team here at SHARE it is something we have always done and will continue to do – take whatever amount of time is needed to ensure the best decision and lending option is reached for you!

To do this, we ask those searching questions that others perhaps overlook, or don’t have time for, in order to find out more about you, your aspirations and goals. This is not because we are nosey, but to ensure that as Advisers we are supporting you to get a loan you can afford, not just today but in the future.

We calculate repayments and financial factors BEFORE any application to a lender, ensuring you can make more informed decisions. Some clients we have spoken to have only found out from the bank how much their exact repayments were going to be after they had signed the paperwork!!

We pose the ‘What If’ questions as well – what if you were forced to one income through unforeseen circumstance. What plans could be made to ensure your property was protected. What if you decide to take a break and have a few months off – can we plan a strategy? It’s not about necessarily finding the lowest interest rate (although this is a consideration) it’s also about being responsible to you for today, tomorrow and down the track.

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