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  • LVR restrictions – proposed changes from 1 October. For all areas outside of Auckland the Reserve Bank will relax restrictions with 15% of all new lending to be allowed above 80% loan to value ratio. Auckland’s restriction will remain at 10% only, which is the current limitation for all of New Zealand. In addition, the purchase of any residential investment property in Auckland will be limited to a maximum 70% lending level. Again, in other areas, lending will be allowable to 80% of purchase price.
  • Auckland property prices continue to skyrocket. Where and when will it end and how is it going to end?
  • Dairy farming returns continue to plummet. Payment for the season just ended will be around $4.40 per KG of milk solids compared to $8.50 per KG in 2014. It is expected that the new season will not see any significant change with returns in the $4 - $5 region again.
  • The OCR is down another 25% and economists are picking that it will reduce further. Floating rates are currently sitting between 6.00-6.50% pa. We expect these rates to be somewhat lower than that before the end of this year. We are now able to source fixed rates below 5.00% pa for shorter terms through most lenders.
  • Many countries are experiencing tough times.Greece has been in the news and others are struggling to maintain solvency. China and
  • Australia – our key export markets – are also experiencing slowing economies. Supply and Demand cycles are being interrupted.
  • These factors influence our economists who strive to maintain the stability that the NZ consumer expects.

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