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General Insurance

We often think of insurance as something that we pay for ‘Just in Case’, and then bemoan the cost each month, quarter or year when we pay the premium. But it is more than that, and it has changed over time between generations as society has changed and we have become more global in our thinking.

Today, with reduced tariffs and our ability to buy imported goods for such a low cost, we can purchase a large Flat Screen TV from a discount store at almost half the average weekly wage.

This is a far cry from distant past.

  • Our grand-parents saved for a year or more before paying cash for a Phillips K9,
  • Our Parents purchased what has become an essential household appliance by Hire Purchase.
  • Today’s generation can pay cash and buy with their weekly groceries in some instances!

And insuring this TV has also changed –

  • For our grandparents, having saved for a year or more, they were more inclined to place a higher value on the TV and take out contents insurance on specific items of value in their home.
  • Hire Purchase often meant you had to purchase insurance so the asset was protected while you were paying it off.

More often the company you purchased the TV from had an insurance component in the repayments.

  • Nowadays, with the low cost, insuring these TVs seems almost pointless when replacing them may be seen as a cheaper option.
  • •And different insurances have evolved over time. For example, Life policies being used as a legacy for the children have disappeared and been replaced with retirement savings so one doesn’t have to sell the family home and can leave it to the family.

We have Income protection now protecting our largest asset – our ability to earn.Previously benevolent funds supported families in need, or the state in terms of Widow(er) benefits. ACC was initially designed for this, however the challenges of population growth has seen this curtailed significantly.

Times change and what our grandparents experienced, or even our parents, may no longer exist. But there will be a replacement – and you can still protect any or all of your assets.

Just talk with us and get all of the information before making a decision about valuing your assets.

Worried about something unexpected happening?

Having provided lending support for over 18 years and personal risk cover for the past few years, we can now offer Fire and General Insurance, so you don’t have to worry about those unexpected events that may occur.

This opportunity means you can literally get all your financial matters sorted in one place with someone who will be available whenever you need them in the future. You don’t need to concern yourself with who to ring– it’s simple – just call us! Mortgages – Life, Income Protection & Mortgage Insurance – Health & Hospital Cover – Home & Contents – Vehicles & Boats– simple call us on 07 856 2960!


You are young, possibly past the‘I am INVINCIBLE’ teenage years, but young nonetheless. You are healthy, making plans, getting started and on the way to the life you’ve decided you want.

And yes I am referring to those of you in your 40’s as well. It has been said that 40 is the new 30, and 30 the new 20 - isn’t it! So yes you could be one of the young ones I am referring to! 


Ahhh it’s because you are young and healthy, you don’t need it. It’s a cost that you’d rather save. Its money better spent on dinner out with friends, or buying yet another gadget.


Because it’s this belief that sees so many people end up reliant on state support at some stage living out a meagre existence simply because they put off protecting themselves and their families.

I know health insurance policies,income protection and even mortgage insurance are not exactly exciting conversation pieces. They are however SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT conversations you SHOULD HAVE, and you should be having them with your partner, your adult children and with ME!

Why? It is simply because you are young and healthy, that YOU SHOULD BE INSURED! When you are fit and healthy is the best time to take out insurance.  It gets much more difficult,and possibly much more expensive, when you are older and are experiencing health issues.

It’s too late when you are older and are sick!

Some Statistics that should castsome reality on your life –

1)            8000people per annum have strokes in New Zealand 1

2)            At the time of the last census, 20% of New Zealanderslived with a disability 2

3)            Cancerwas the leading cause of death for both males and females in NZ in 2009 with8437 people having cancer recorded as the underlying cause of death 3

4)            Thereare an estimated 60,000 stroke survivors in New Zealand.  Many are disabled and need significant dailysupport 4

1 The Stroke Foundation of NZ 2010/ 2 2006 disability survey, statistics NZ 2006/ 3  Ministry of Health. 2012cancer / 4  The Stroke Foundation of NZ 2012

Now we all believe it will never happen to us. But it does, it happens to a lot of people.  I meet people almost every week that tell me that someone in their family or circle of friends has been diagnosed with a serious medical issue. Then they tell me how it’s impacted their lives, the things they have had to give up, the cutbacks they have had to make and the costs that they never thought of.

And there is often not a lot I can do, because it’s too late if they haven’t already got insurance. Of course, if they are a client the conversation tends to be more positive and focused on solutions.

The facts of insurance:

·        Eating the right foodand staying fit and healthy is under your control. Everything else one couldsuggest is not.

·        As you age you aremore likely to experience health issues (this is not to say that young peopledon’t get sick)

·       Insurance is a method of protection. Just like vehicle insurance, you know that the mere fact you drive a car puts you at risk of an accident.  Insurance is the same – the fact that you are a human being means you are at risk of having a/some health issue/sat some stage in your life.

Age and experience allows us the benefit of hindsight – so irrespectiveof whether you are 22, or 52  – use that knowledge and get some insurance cover NOW

4 Tips to Better Insurance

Do you remember when banks just took deposits and loaned money. Now they offer a wide range of services, from paying your bills to selling you insurance.

And it’s the last one that concerns me considerably. Not because I don’t believe they shouldn’t do it – diversifying is sensible. My concern centres on claims and long term relationships. Everyone has heard of situations where someone had an insurance policy that they thought covered them for something only to discover at claim time they weren’t.

When you purchase a property and take out a mortgage, a bank will ask if you have personal insurance cover. They need to know that should something happen to you, that they will be able to recover the loan. This is sensible of course, they have a vested interest.

The issue here is, are you getting best advice? Are you getting the best the market can offer? Remember the banks deal with one insurance provider only. How do you know you are getting the best deal? Who do you talk to when you need to make a claim? Who will help you to get your claim processed and paid quickly?”

Arranging insurance cover isn’t a difficult process. Making sure you have the appropriate cover isn’t so easy. If you are not getting great advice, and you accept what is offered without question when you’re in a hurry at the bank, you could be making the worst decision of your financial life if you get it wrong.

So here are some tips when you are considering your insurance situation:

  1. Deal with an adviser who has access to multiple insurance providers. One size does not fit all!
  2. Make sure you understand what you are buying and why. If you don’t understand the product, have your adviser explain it. Almost as bad as having no cover is not knowing you may have a legitimate claim.
  3. Review your policies and update as your family, business and their needs change. This should be done on an annual basis. Policy anniversary time is ideal. Never be afraid to call your adviser for a chat.
  4. Consider your insurance as a fixed and nonnegotiable expense in the same way you would your mortgage or car payment. It’s easy to consider personal risk insurance as a luxury rather than a need, when in reality that is definitely not the case.

If you would like to look at your insurance options, give me a call and let’s have a coffee. I will do the shopping around for you and then present you with recommendations appropriate to your individual needs.

So contact me – this is where I can help!

Heads Up if You Are a Parent

With many young adults leaving home for University or exciting career prospects, supporting them financially if things go wrong can be an incredible strain on your pocket. Up until now there has been little in the way of insurance for people that RENT and have regular bills. They are just as exposed as those with families & mortgages if their health takes a hit. 

HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES COVER Allowing for the fact that many of us at some stage will face a specific injury or illness that will affect our ability to earn income, this insurance provides an option that is similar to Income Protection Insurance. 

It is a specific amount that pays for such things as RENT, PHONE, WATER, ELECTRICITY, GAS, INTERNET and PAID TELEVISION, and we know how important those last two items are! 

So instead of bailing them out, consider shouting them or encouraging them to buy some insurance that supports them so you can concentrate on just being there when they need you.

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