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Looking for a Mortgage? Know your 5 First!

A large percentage of people still head straight to their own (or nearest) bank when deciding to apply for a home loan. If you have done this or are about to do this, you may be missing out on some significant benefits.

There are five very strong reasons as to why EVERY borrower should talk with Wayne and the team when trying to secure property finance:

1. CHOICE - after all it is a free market isn’t it?

The biggest advantage when using Wayne over a bank is choice. When you sit in front of Wayne you can choose between 10+ lenders and 50+ products versus visiting a bank representative who has access to only their bank’s products. This is especially important at a time like now, when the banks are saying ‘no’ more, and by having multiple choices you’re likely to get a ‘yes’.

2. EXPERIENCE - in areas that really matter.

Ask your bank representative how long they’ve been helping people with home loans, then compare this with Wayne’s 40 years within the lending sector. That’s experience through almost every financial situation including the harsh late ‘80s, the booms and bust of the ‘90s, the global financial crisis of 2007 / 2008 and the more recent Reserve Bank policy changes and upheavals. He has provided assistance in almost any situation you can think of from first homes and property portfolio investments to marriage breakups, bankruptcy and everything in between. With experience like that you can be assured he knows more than most when it comes to what is required to secure a mortgage. After all anyone can read an interest rate and use a calculator- it takes experience to know what numbers really matter and what questions to ask.

3. PERSONAL CARE - We act for you – and it’s more than just words

The value we provide is acting on your behalf – impartially. We have to, it’s part of our legislative and legal responsibility, but it’s also what we know to be right.

There is an equally strong argument for Wayne to act for you in situations where you may need to borrow more money in addition to and after your mortgage has been sorted. Situations where extra debt might be needed to purchase a replacement vehicle, boat or other large financial undertaking.

If clients have equity in their personal residence and are able to increase their borrowing to consolidate we will advise and assist them to borrow those funds at housing rates with the debt secured over their residence.

Banks often and invariably take a different approach guiding customers into borrowing those funds on a personal loan.

The difference is that under a personal loan facility the interest rate charged is at least 3 times the rate clients would pay if borrowing the funds at residential interest rates. Also by borrowing the funds secured against their home the client can dictate the term and/or amount they wish to repay the loan over or at. With a personal loan your term is restricted to a maximum 5 years.

This is another example of lenders focusing on their profit margin, not what’s in the customer’s best interest, and a practice contrary to the no.1 rule under the FMA code of practice regulations.

4. FOLLOW UP - so you don’t have to.

Following up the progress of your loan application is time consuming and frustrating. Wayne and his team of staff do that for you, keeping you informed and saving you time. Sounds simple enough but when you are trying to keep up with the pressure at work and focus on the family, the last thing you need is to be worrying about what paperwork is where and with whom. This comes into play particularly if you are considering a build process. Watch for an upcoming newsletter about the building and finance process.

5. PERSONAL MORTGAGE COACH – not just for the rich and famous!

Wayne effectively is “like the perfect personal coach”. You may have thought only people with extensive investments or property portfolios have access to this service. Guess what - you can too!

Wayne knows what needs to be done, can ensure it happens and because it’s Wayne’s own business, he is in for the long haul. Bank staff change often.

So even when you find a good personal banker they change jobs or roles before you know it. With Wayne as your personal financial coach you know when you call it’s him you are going to get.

As a coach he works with you throughout the lifetime of your mortgage facility encouraging you at every opportunity to lessen debt and pay off the mortgage as soon as possible saving thousands of dollars in interest. He can show you how and will work with you to achieve that.

Call the team who can help!

Wayne’s words of wisdom

Having seen some of the profits that the Big 4 have announced, we can all feel a little aggrieved that it is in fact our money making up those enormous funds now being divvied up to shareholders. Yes they are a business – and obviously BIG BUSINESS, not the local friendly bank on the corner that their marketing teams may want us to believe.

No - they are a business and as such have an obligation to their shareholders to increase profit year on year. Ever increasing fees, interest rate changes that don’t always seem to provide the full benefit of the Reserve Bank cash rate reductions - nothing changes – this is the business of banking.

And while you may throw your hands up in despair and think you can do nothing – the reality is you can. A little time with us, some focus on what you want – not what the banks want – and you could in fact save yourself thousands.

One key action lenders strongly encourage, of which we take a more personal and flexible approach to, is FIXED LENDING. 

Locking in fixed interest rates for 3,4 or 5 years may provide for supposed security ensuring you know what is expected each month however that can come at a financial cost – to you! By locking in for longer terms the opportunity to change your lending and take advantage of any potential rate drops throughout your fixed period may come at a significant cost – break fees. These costs can be exorbitant and run into many thousands of dollars. Even a 2 year fixed period may be too long depending on your personal circumstances.

The #1 MISTAKE people keep making...

If the first thought you have when you think ‘mortgage’ is ‘interest rates’ – you might have made that one simple mistake many people make when considering a lender. Most people look for the lowest rate and think – “Great I can get a deal!”

The reality is you may very well end up paying more interest than the person who chooses a different rate and different FEATURES. Features that can work in your favour and that you need to be aware of can include:

FEE-FREE EXTRA REPAYMENTS - Paying just an extra dollar a day off your loan will result in significant savings in interest and see you mortgage-free far sooner. That makes increasing repayments (at no extra charge) a feature worth having.

PORTABILITY - This allows you to sometimes transfer your existing loan to the new property when you move house, meaning you could avoid having to pay break costs for your old loan or establishment fees for a new loan. However this may not be an option or may be a more costly alternative when all factors are considered.

REDRAW FACILITY - Provides access to any additional repayments you’ve made. Handy if you’re short of cash in an emergency, but it will put you behind in terms of interest savings.

MORTGAGE OFFSET OR REVOLVING CREDIT - An offset or revolving credit account lets you put any savings to work to reduce your loan interest charge. The balance of your savings is deducted from the loan when interest is calculated, so you pay less interest, with more of each repayment reducing the loan balance.

MORTGAGE HOLIDAY -  This feature offers a complete holiday from repayments or a period of reduced interest only repayments. This can be especially useful during career changes, ill health or breaks such as maternity leave. Ideal to include if you are just starting out and having a family.

So before you or someone you know makes this mistake – give them this newsletter or tell them to head to our website and get in touch with us so we can help them.

The CREDIT CARD Challenge

Did you know that when you apply for a mortgage, lenders factor in a 3% monthly cost on all credit card limits (not the actual debt)?

General ‘Rule of Thumb’ - Your credit card limit will impact on the amount a lender will loan you. Every $1,000 card limit, will result in a reduction of approximately $4,000 that you can borrow on a mortgage. So a $10,000 credit limit will reduce your mortgage borrowings by about $40,000!

We get that lenders are being careful not to overload you with debt…..

So why is it, one of the first things most new customers get offered by their bank when they secure a mortgage is a new shiny credit card!?

This highlights the irrational thinking of lenders who will ask potential borrowers to reduce credit card limits as a condition in their loan offer – yet within weeks of the mortgage being advanced will be inviting clients to either take a new credit card facility or increase their existing limit.

To add some sting to the process, many lenders then promote/ market themselves further and make contact congratulating customers on being valuable clients and advising them their credit card limit has been automatically increased as a result.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it – first asking you to reduce your debt – and then trying to get you to increase it! Legal? Yes. Irresponsible? In my opinion yes and contradictory to the lenders requirements at the time of loan assessment.

Makes you think though – should the bank be your first port of call? Or should it be Wayne?

Wayne Scoops Another Award

Wayne received the award from the Lending industry and his peers because of his “consistent top performance in both quantity and quality of mortgages written.” Scott Black, CEO of SHARE, commented that “Wayne is an asset to SHARE and a worthy winner of this award.”

Wayne receiving his SHARE Mortgage Adviser of the Year award from Sarah Dowie (MP for Invercargill) at Parliament during the recent annual SHARE Conference held in Wellington.

Need Mortgage Finance? - We can HELP!

We are going to tackle the bigger picture – how to place the value of your own finances over the wealth of banking institutions.

We EXPOSE one of the key mistakes the majority of people make when trying to get mortgage finance and we highlight why every person in the market for a mortgage or property finance of any kind should use Wayne – not that we are biased at all – but these points will make you think.

And finally we highlight some of the Trade Talk behind the scenes.

Enjoy the read and remember, just call us BEFORE you find the property you’ve been looking for and let us help you GET THE FUNDING FIRST.

Call Wayne and the team today on 07 856 2960!

The TPPA as we see it

A lot has been in the media regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Finding out what it stood for was easy, finding out what it actually involves is more difficult.

This seems to be the crux of the matter when it comes to the discord a lot of people are feeling – and we note this isn’t limited to New Zealanders – it is purely the lack of the FULL FACTS that is causing the angst. We live in what is coined as a ‘Global Society’ and like any coming together of differing ideas, opinions and self-interests – questions should always be asked.

In our view, on the Pro side of the fence – the prospect of more export opportunities and business growth and all that is attributed to that,employment growth, financial stability, and the list goes on.

On the Negative side – the open market pushing up house prices as overseas buyers with stronger economies buy ourland. (It has been noted that in many countries, whilst you can lease land you cannot own it like you can here in NZ, so with land being seen as a commodity, this is an area of concern for some).

As a team, and as a business, we would like to say that we have made a clear decision about the side of the fence that we are sitting on. But we can’t, for one simple reason – we don’t have all the facts.

It is hard to vote for or challenge an idea when only partial facts are on the table. And there lies the crux of the issue – LACK OF FULL FACTUAL INFORMATION. Similar to securing a home loan, unless you have all the facts then that seemingly low interest rate could have some hooks that you only discover after the deal has been signed.

Or that bonus offer the bank is promoting doesn’t provide all of the information and you could end up paying more than necessary. Any deal that is on the table – unless it’s a game of Poker – shouldn’t be a gamble. It should be factual, with all of the information provided so both parties are clear about their roles, responsibilities and obligations.

Our job as Mortgage Advisers is to ensure ALL the FACTS are on the table and you know exactly what you are signing BEFORE you sign it. Perhaps, if the TPPA teams across the globe understood this more and presented the FACTS first before asking us to vote, agree or support this deal, there would be less angst.

Contact the team who can help!

"Hi Wayne

Good on you for spreading this message. I agree that it's really important the more NZers are made aware of what's going on. Everything I've read on the TPPA (from non-govt sources) says it's a very bad deal for us and has some potentially damaging aspects for the future.

And I think more people in your position need to get behind this, as it's mostly seen as a pro-business deal.

Thanks for doing your bit."

Accessing Your KiwiSaver™- The FACTS

If you, or perhaps your offspring, are wanting to buy your first home and don’t quite have enough saved, then consider utilising your KiwiSaver™ to boost the funds. In many instances today, KiwiSaver™ funds eligible for withdrawal form by far the greater portion of a first home buyers deposit funds and often the entire deposit amount.

You may be able to withdraw the current value of:

  • Your contributions
  • Your employer’s contributions (voluntary and compulsory)
  • Returns on investment, and
  • Any member tax credits.

Provided you leave a minimum balance of $1,000 in your account.

In some cases, even if you have owned a home before, perhaps whilst in a relationship that has since broken down, you may be able to access your KiwiSaver™ to purchase your first home in your name only.

Talk with us so we can assist in providing the full facts allowing you to make the best decision about your future home ownership.

General Insurance

We often think of insurance as something that we pay for ‘Just in Case’, and then bemoan the cost each month, quarter or year when we pay the premium. But it is more than that, and it has changed over time between generations as society has changed and we have become more global in our thinking.

Today, with reduced tariffs and our ability to buy imported goods for such a low cost, we can purchase a large Flat Screen TV from a discount store at almost half the average weekly wage.

This is a far cry from distant past.

  • Our grand-parents saved for a year or more before paying cash for a Phillips K9,
  • Our Parents purchased what has become an essential household appliance by Hire Purchase.
  • Today’s generation can pay cash and buy with their weekly groceries in some instances!

And insuring this TV has also changed –

  • For our grandparents, having saved for a year or more, they were more inclined to place a higher value on the TV and take out contents insurance on specific items of value in their home.
  • Hire Purchase often meant you had to purchase insurance so the asset was protected while you were paying it off.

More often the company you purchased the TV from had an insurance component in the repayments.

  • Nowadays, with the low cost, insuring these TVs seems almost pointless when replacing them may be seen as a cheaper option.
  • •And different insurances have evolved over time. For example, Life policies being used as a legacy for the children have disappeared and been replaced with retirement savings so one doesn’t have to sell the family home and can leave it to the family.

We have Income protection now protecting our largest asset – our ability to earn.Previously benevolent funds supported families in need, or the state in terms of Widow(er) benefits. ACC was initially designed for this, however the challenges of population growth has seen this curtailed significantly.

Times change and what our grandparents experienced, or even our parents, may no longer exist. But there will be a replacement – and you can still protect any or all of your assets.

Just talk with us and get all of the information before making a decision about valuing your assets.

Responsible Lending

There is a code of practise that we are required to adhere to as Mortgage Advisers and as an industry we are involved with the updating of this.

The recently introduced Responsible Lending Code aims to prevent consumers being locked into loans they can’t afford and may have little hope of repaying. They’re also designed to stamp out advertisements for “easy credit” that target low-income consumers and vulnerable borrowers unable to obtain finance from banks.

As a team here at SHARE it is something we have always done and will continue to do – take whatever amount of time is needed to ensure the best decision and lending option is reached for you!

To do this, we ask those searching questions that others perhaps overlook, or don’t have time for, in order to find out more about you, your aspirations and goals. This is not because we are nosey, but to ensure that as Advisers we are supporting you to get a loan you can afford, not just today but in the future.

We calculate repayments and financial factors BEFORE any application to a lender, ensuring you can make more informed decisions. Some clients we have spoken to have only found out from the bank how much their exact repayments were going to be after they had signed the paperwork!!

We pose the ‘What If’ questions as well – what if you were forced to one income through unforeseen circumstance. What plans could be made to ensure your property was protected. What if you decide to take a break and have a few months off – can we plan a strategy? It’s not about necessarily finding the lowest interest rate (although this is a consideration) it’s also about being responsible to you for today, tomorrow and down the track.

The TPPA – Global implications on housing?

We live in a Global economy. The implications of Trade Deals are widespread and in some cases unknown. When an exporter can secure a higher price for their product in an overseas market than they can at home, then they are going to sell at that higher price. Housing is no different in this respect and constantly increasing prices are being driven in a similar manner.

In this edition, we have some questions around the TPPA and its impact on New Zealand, and you might be surprised at our analysis. We focus on what makes for good decision making when it comes to borrowing money and how protecting your assets is often overlooked. And of course we provide you with the facts that will help when using your KiwiSaver™ savings toget on the property ladder with your first home purchase.

Contact the team at any time with any question – we are here to help in any way we can.

Celebrating success & history made!

You may remember our last edition when we highlighted our support of Ella Ransley and the 2015 New Zealand U19 Women’s Lacrosse team. The team needed some support to get to Edinburgh and approached us to see if we could lend a hand.

Their dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to perhaps a much overlooked and unsung sport amongst Kiwis helped us make the call to get behind this team. The World Cup played out in August with the best teams in the world vying for the top spot. Showing that inspiring Kiwi determination to beat the odds, this team moved from a previous ranking of 11th to being 5th in the World. The girls played hard but they played fair and the strong team bond and sportsmanship was noted by each of the game commentators.

Well done to Ella and the team – you did us proud – but more importantly, you did yourselves proud!

Quick Note December...

  • Our focus is on securing mortgage lending, however our strong industry standing means we have the ability to also secure great pricing for your Insurance needs as well.
  • We work closely with Hayley Kerr, a Risk Insurance specialist based in our Frankton SHARE office. If you need Life, Income Protection, Health & Hospital cover Hayley is the expert you should see. We also work closely with Tower Insurance for all your House, Contents, Vehicle & Boat insurance requirements and we can arrange for Tower to contact you.
  • Both Hayley & Tower Insurance assist us to meet our own criteria of providing excellent customer service which is top of our list – and competitive pricing which we are sure tops your list when it comes to protecting what’s important!
  • Don’t forget our referral rewards offer highlighted earlier. Where successful, referrals will result in a $100 gift voucher reward to the referrer and go in the draw to win a $750 travel voucher.
  • Also don’t forget to contact us not your bank when your current fixed rates expire or you want to fix a floating rate. We will look after your best interests not the banks and advise you appropriately.

The house buying process – and how to protect your interests!

To get a better outcome when applying for a mortgage there are some inside tips you need to be aware of and that will ensure a smoother, perhaps less stressful approach to securing a mortgage.

HOT TIP : These are relevant if you are a first home buyer, about to re-finance or even purchasing a 2nd or subsequent property

  1. Get preapproval by contacting a mortgage adviser before beginning to look at property. This will ensure you are looking in the correct price bracket and do not waste your time from the outset. It can be stressful finding your dream home only to discover that the bank can’t - or won’t - provide the funds.

  2. Use a mortgage adviser – we have a wide range of lending options. If your own bank cannot help then we have a number of other banks and lending institutions we can approach on your behalf. NOTE: We will always submit your application to your existing bank unless you specifically advise you do not want to borrow from them.

  3. Going direct to your existing bank can back fire! Don’t worry, we can apply to them on your behalf (at no cost) and we will negotiate the best terms and conditions for you. Because we know what the market is offering daily we have a stronger negotiating opportunity.

  4. Remember Finance dates – these should be at least 10 working days from the date of acceptance of your offer by the vendor and they start from the day on which the contract is dated. The reason for the time period can be many and varied and include the need for a registered valuation, builders report, acknowledgement from the bank that the property is acceptable security for their lending and for other reasons.

    HOT TIP : If this is a struggle in your busy lifestyle – again use a mortgage adviser – this is where our knowledge and experience is available at no cost to you! If unsure call us.

  5. Save your cash until you have to use it. Deposits are only payable upon the contract being declared unconditional. When negotiating a purchase there is no legal requirement that a 10% deposit should be paid. You specify the amount of deposit you are either able to pay or want to pay. Accessing KIWISAVER REMINDER: Keep in mind that KiwiSaver™ funds are not available until the date of settlement and are paid direct to the clients Lawyers Trust account by the KiwiSaver™ provider. If all of the deposit is coming from KiwiSaver™ funds, clients may be able to obtain a temporary overdraft facility however that will be limited to $10,000 - $15,000, dependent on the lender, as the temporary overdraft is unsecured in these cases.

  6. Settlement dates: Where the withdrawal of KiwiSaver™ funds for a first home purchase is applicable you have to consider the following: If preapproval of available KiwiSaver™ funds for withdrawal has been obtained then the minimum time frame to receive the funds from the Kiwisaver provider is generally 2 to 3 weeks. If preapproval has not been obtained the funds may not be available for 4 to 5 weeks. Where a Housing NZ Grant is applicable the following needs to be considered – where applicants qualify for a Housing NZ Grant and preapproval of the Grant has already been obtained from Housing NZ the availability of those funds is generally 4 to 5 weeks. Where preapproval has not been obtained then at least 6 – 7 weeks needs to be allowed before settlement date to ensure those funds will be received by the lawyer in time for settlement. If not the Grant funds will not be provided. Settlement dates therefore need to be discussed with us prior to signing a contract to ensure your Kiwisaver provider and/or Housing NZ (where applicable) have sufficient time to advance the funds to meet the scheduled settlement date timeframe.

    If you are a little concerned or have a question – this is where your mortgage adviser comes into play again - we work alongside you guiding you through the process – so please contact us.

  7. You will more than likely be caught up in the exciting prospect of owning this home and therefore may well overlook a crucial aspect of the Agreement, so get your Lawyer to sight a copy of the Agreement before you sign it. You can email that to your Lawyer, or ask your realty agent to do so. The agreement needs to include clauses to protect the purchaser’s interest. For example – if a valuation is required it should be subject to the valuation being not less than the purchase price – the need to include a clause for a builders report (where applicable) – check finance dates and settlement dates. Your Lawyer will make sense of the legal jargon for you and clarify any issues. Remember a realty agent is generally acting in the vendors interest and will draw conditions up pertinent to the vendor only. You simply need someone on your side of the agreement.

  8. Where buying in a Trust or Company name – make sure this is all organised beforehand – lenders need to know and require a copy of the Trust Deeds (for Trusts) or Certificate of Incorporation (for companies) along with personal details of the Trustees, Shareholders and Directors.

  9. And don’t overlook the fact we will require a copy of the Sale & Purchase Agreement, so ensure either you or the realty agent email us a signed and dated copy. Often this gets forgotten or overlooked.

Next Edition – Going Unconditional After the Due Diligence. Looking behind the ‘Recent Makeover’ to ensure there are no hidden surprises – what you can and should do when buying a property.

Call the team who can help!

Banks on a roll!

They are at it again! Yes, the banks are hungry for customers, with many being aggressive in contacting home owners trying to tempt them into refixing by offering discounted rates – the catch seems to be that these ‘special’ rates are only available for 24 – 48 hours.

Be wary of anyone being pushy and offering a time limited offer – you are the customer providing them with years of repayments – so STOP, take a deep breath and tell them you will call back later, or better still that you work through Wayne – then call us for the following very good reasons;

a) We will negotiate the best discounted rates available with your lender and know what is available from other lenders as a comparison. If the rate is not good enough we will go back and renegotiate on your behalf.

b) Always remember banking personnel work for their employer (the Bank) whereas we are working in your best interest and will advise you accordingly.

HOT TIP : You have to ask yourself – how likely am I to see this same person in 2, 3 or even 5 years time and are they really employed to look after my best interests?

Have you ever been encouraged by a bank to fix your interest rate for longer terms (3, 4 or 5 years) when interest rates are clearly moving down?

Had we been advising you, we would have suggested fixing for a shorter term – anything from 6 – 24 months instead. Once you are locked in for longer terms break costs become very expensive if you want to terminate your fixed rate contract.

When this is the largest investment you will likely make, and these calls come in, it can be tempting to just accept the interest rate offered. We know what it’s like- we all lead busy lives and can be distracted and just say yes without realising the consequences.

IMPORTANT TIP : Consider this - do they get you to confirm your requirements by email? If not, where is the documentary evidence of your request?

Again, be wary. Tell them you will call back at a more suitable time – and then call us so we can see if the hooks outweigh the catch! 07 856 2960

Holidays can feed the soul

Having spent my own time travelling, I know the joy of meeting new people, visiting distant places and being inspired to do more. Holidays shouldn’t just be the annual Christmas trek to the beach.

However we know that it can be challenging making the budget stretch – and that’s where we like to help. When you tell other people about us – it helps us – and we would like to thank you for that.

As a way of reward anyone that refers a new client to us, who then settles their mortgage using our services, will not only receive a $100 gift voucher but will also go into our 6 monthly draw to win a $750 travel voucher.

And here’s our most recent winner: Don & Marilyn Jessen

By telling their daughter to contact us, whereby we were able to help her and her partner into their own home in Wellington, Don & Marilyn can now start planning a little break for themselves.

TIPS: You can refer as many people as you like – each one is a new entry giving you more chances to win - and each referral gives you a $100 gift voucher.

It’s easy – no forms or paperwork – give them our number and tell them to inform us who referred them. We do the rest!

As the referrer you can be an existing customer or not. And your friend or family member does not need to live in the Waikato – we can, and do, help people ALL OVER NZ! ALL OVER THE WORLD IN FACT!!

SHARE -Supporting NZ Champions

Always the Champion of Champions, Wayne is proud to be able to provide some sponsorship to top level New Zealand Representative Ella Ransley.This month Ella will achieve the goal she has trained towards for the last four years – to travel with the NZU19 Lacrosse team to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Lacrosse World Cup. With a stopover in the USA to play some ‘warm up’ games, it will be an intense month that will push the players to their limits.Lacrosse is a fun, fast paced game, combining speed and technical skills. This is nothing new to Ella – she is also a highly ranked hurdler in NZ youth Athletics.

Go Ella! Make NZ proud!



Abigail Jenkins is our dedicated administrator who will ensure lenders provide us with their most competitive interest rates when your current fixed rates expire. You will be referred to Wayne to discuss what rate and term will best suit your needs.

Come to us for impartial advice when re- fixing – we look after YOUR best interests; not the bank’s. Send us an email and we can help – no cost and no fuss.


SHARE Ruakura

Our SHARE offices are located at Ruakura Research Centre. Easy car parking and a great coffee shop across the road are all available on your next visit.

We are aware that some of you may be confused by the other SHARE offices located in Hamilton. While they are part of the SHARE network of professionals they are separate businesses to ours.


Quick Note...

  • LVR restrictions – proposed changes from 1 October. For all areas outside of Auckland the Reserve Bank will relax restrictions with 15% of all new lending to be allowed above 80% loan to value ratio. Auckland’s restriction will remain at 10% only, which is the current limitation for all of New Zealand. In addition, the purchase of any residential investment property in Auckland will be limited to a maximum 70% lending level. Again, in other areas, lending will be allowable to 80% of purchase price.
  • Auckland property prices continue to skyrocket. Where and when will it end and how is it going to end?
  • Dairy farming returns continue to plummet. Payment for the season just ended will be around $4.40 per KG of milk solids compared to $8.50 per KG in 2014. It is expected that the new season will not see any significant change with returns in the $4 - $5 region again.
  • The OCR is down another 25% and economists are picking that it will reduce further. Floating rates are currently sitting between 6.00-6.50% pa. We expect these rates to be somewhat lower than that before the end of this year. We are now able to source fixed rates below 5.00% pa for shorter terms through most lenders.
  • Many countries are experiencing tough times.Greece has been in the news and others are struggling to maintain solvency. China and
  • Australia – our key export markets – are also experiencing slowing economies. Supply and Demand cycles are being interrupted.
  • These factors influence our economists who strive to maintain the stability that the NZ consumer expects.

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