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 When you are looking for someone to work hard on your behalf  – look no further than the team at Oliver Mortgage Services.

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"Thank you Wayne for a great service  with our recent mortgage opportunity.
The level of service and expertise in obtaining a favourable result was outstanding, 
Thanks again, Bloody fantastic


Wayne Oliver

Have you been trawling websites like or looking at properties? Looking to upgrade / downsize or even find a way to get into your first home – well we can reassure you right now that you are in the perfect place to get started!

Having the available funds ready to buy the property you want is a key to paying the right price- and as a Waikato based mortgage specialist; it’s my job to do just that – find you the right mortgage!

Hi my name is Wayne. I’ve been working with Kiwis all around the country helping them with their mortgage needs for over 30 years. That’s a long time and although times change in regards to interest rates, the expanded mortgage market and how much we pay for a property, the need to borrow money (a mortgage) to buy a property hasn’t.

My job is and always has been to work with people; to find what works for them and then to help guide them through the purchase process. I work with real estate agents and banks as well as lawyers and accountants making sure everyone is thinking of you throughout the entire process.

And there is a slight difference to the way I work... I don’t use a computer!! I don’t have one on my desk or at home that I work from. This has its upsides… when there is a power cut – I can still work when others can't!

Having said that, my team does and so manages all the emails on my behalf, allowing me to spend my time doing what I do best – tackling the issues and advocating on your behalf with the banks and other lenders.

With a focus on you first and the lenders second, you are assured that you have someone working for you, asking the questions that need asking and helping you find the information that a lender needs.

And you don’t pay me a cent. That’s right- absolutely nothing! The lender pays me for bringing them business. So you get the advantage of finding the most appropriate mortgage with what is perhaps the most competitive interest rate at the time as well as any other mortgage benefits I can negotiate on your behalf.

So if you are about to take the next step and start looking at real estate, call us and let’s see just how much you can or need to borrow!

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Wayne and the team managed the entire process
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