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About Us

We are your leading Waikato mortgage and insurance brokers. A bold statement perhaps but one backed up by:

  • Over 50years combined experience – and we’re still young!
  • Registered Financial Advisers
  • Solid relationships within the real estate, legal and banking sectors
  • We know insurance and mortgages inside out
  • The fact that we don’t see ourselves as sales people !

Oliver Mortgage & Insurance has been in the marketplace in the Waikato for over (?) years. We’ve seen the highs and lows, the trends and the realities and we’ve worked with people just like you all over the country.

Although we say we are Waikato mortgage and insurance brokers, the reality is in this communication age we are everywhere with clients all around NZ – and the odd one in Australia!

Every day we work alongside accountants, lawyer’s banks and property consultants finding solutions and working through the mortgage loan process.

And we love it!

Why – because it’s what we do. The biggest thrill for us is securing the mortgage finance for someone and then being able to pop a gift on the table to say WELCOME to your Dream!!!

And of course then we are there again supporting you when things happen with our insurance service.

Again we work with major insurance providers throughout NZ finding the most appropriate insurance protection and policy for you.

So if you are looking for the Waikato mortgage broker to help you into that property you want or are after a new insurance adviser that knows how hard you work and how much you are worth then call the bestest Waikato insurance broking team!

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Our advice comes supported by many years in the mortgage and insurance industries. So contact us today!

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Wayne and the team managed the entire process
for us, ensuring we had any information we needed
and just made it an easy process for us.

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